Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Grey Day

That's right! There's more to this story. Expect mirrors, spiders and mind games.

You may notice a distinct change in art style after the first two pages. I started by doing ink washes but realized that it was ruining the black inks. So I made some ink wash swatches, scanned them, and applied them in Photoshop to the inks.

The pacing for this is a little weird for a couple of reasons. First is the four panel format. I stuck to this so that the story would read more like a child's story book. I also simplified my drawings for this raisin. Second, I originally intended to release a page a week so each page sort of ends on a cliffhanger and picks up with some sort of action already happening.

Anyway, this took me a month to do but I learned a lot about Photoshop so no complaints.

Thanks for reading and fear flora!

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